Tandem Aircraft in Ground Effect

STL View


This started on the Yahoo Email Group WIG (Wing In Ground-Effect) following a study by Daniel Turkstra.

My thought was that the raised rear wing in the tandem would experience less lift reduction on slight increases in elevation than the front wing, counteracting the forward shift of the Center of Lift. And the possibility that the craft could be balanced for ground effect.

There has been plenty of study, and application, into tandem GEVs. DT however is interested in the height difference between the two wings, thus had been working with the Rutan Quickie type model. DT had found some interesting problems with his CFD calculations. Because of this I was asked to look into the problem. Regardless of the merits of the Quickie for GEV this is a good case to test my CFD tools.

Surface Geometry

Thankfully in the Vehicle Sketch Pad Hangar a Rutan Quickie already exists, here. Though the creator freely admits this is a representation, I’m not overly concerned with the exact geometry because I’m looking for trends rather than a precise aerodynamic solution over the particular geometry. I used this model and simplified it, creating an STL which is available here (221 MB). This STL isn’t very fine. Some work needs to be done around the wings before it’s passed for CFD meshing.

three view

This study hasn’t even started yet… if you found this page well done