Introducing GEVfoil

I have decided to rename my little aerofoil project. I found no fewer than four other projects using the previous name, which I’ll avoid stating to reduce confusing search engines any further.

I’ve settled on GEVfoil (Ground Effect Vehicle Aerofoil) which may seem a little obvious, but clarity should at least be in my favour. The objectives remain the same;

  • To create a set of tools to aid in the analysis of aerofoils in ground effect.
  • To primarily focus on 2D effects, but not exclude 3D effects where appropriate and relevant.
  • To utilise open-source tools as much as possible, for example links into the OpenFOAM CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) project.
  • To maintain a blog of the development, and open-source the whole project when it has content enough to be worthy.

I have renamed previous blog posts with this in mind: